Mindset Shifts for Losing Weight and Feeling Happy

Ditch the "falling off the wagon, negative self-talk and old patterns keeping you stuck

In this coaching course we are lifting up our mindset to create easy weightloss. 

Shifts in energy, self-acceptance, with actions for stopping the old patterns and ditching negative thoughts, feelings which keep us stuck, to allow weight loss, motivation and feeling amazing.  

My 5 video series to help you see the old ways that are not working for you, create more awareness and tools for solving struggles and achieving health and happiness in life, mind and body. 

Also includes facebook coaching and accesss to your own weightloss coach for accountability and guidence, free. 

What's included?

6 Videos
3 PDFs
Leanne Vandeligt
Leanne Vandeligt
Health and Fitness Coach

About the instructor

 I’ll tell you a little of what I’m about. Mum of 2 boys, moved to rural recently after owning my own PT studio, running classes for mums and personal training.  I've been in love with the fitness industry for 30 years, and still love helping women change their health for the better.  I am a health coach and personal trainer that supports and nurtures women for change and results. 

I have studied many things, most recently a Diploma of Fitness and a Diploma of Weightloss.  As a coach and trainer I am able to provide support and results in a more holistic approach to fitness, health and wellness. I believe most above all else that self-care and self-love is where it starts.  

If you are not ready for change, no amount of wonderful tools, knowledge and motivation will move a client forward to their best version, we must start there, with positive support. 

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